Local residents in Marple and Newtown Townships had tried to start a farmers’ market in 2009-2010, but for one reason or another it never took off. 

In 2011, PRC started the Edgmont Farmers’ Market.  We were located on the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s Headquarters parking lot at 3606 Providence Road in Ridley Creek State Park.  The parking was on the grass, the Farmers’ Market was not able to be seen from the road, and the bumper- to- bumper traffic on Providence Road caused us to rethink the location for the Farmers’ Market.

Joe Stratton, one of our vendors brought Steve Mostardi and PRC together to discuss the possibility of using the Mostardi’s Nursery parking lot for the PRC Farmers’ Market at 4033 West Chester Pike in Newtown Square.  The rest is history. In 2012, we opened the PRC Newtown Square Farmers’ Market at Mostardi’s.  The Mostardi family has been a tremendous support for PRC and we appreciate their generosity.

The mission of the PRC Newtown Square Farmers’ Market is to bring fresh, local food to the community and to promote the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s natural resource conservation efforts, educational classes and events.

The market is open every Wednesday, 2-6:00PM, from May 24th until September 27th 2017.

In order to keep the market going we need you to befriend the PRC Newtown Square Farmers’ Market by being a frequent shopper!!! The next best thing you can do is spread the word by telling friends, and/or displaying one of our lawn signs. This is the fifth year for the PRC Farmers’ Market and we need your kind patronage to continue. Hope to see you at the market!

PRC Newtown Square Farmers’ Market 

Come and enjoy the PRC Newtown Square Farmers’ Market at Mostardi’s Nursery, 4033 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, every Wednesday, 2:00-6:00PM, May 24 - September 27. The market offers:  Farm fresh local fruits and vegetables, baked goods, soups, sauces, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee, local wines, chutney, homemade breads, barbecued chicken and ribs, pulled pork, muffins, pies, tarts, Bavarian pretzels, scones, Mediterranean cuisine, Greek salads, gobi, chicken kabobs, artisan cookies, honey, healthy soaps, creams, essential oils, unique art and gifts, British aprons, kitchen towels, herb dryers, flowers, garden tools, plants, shrubs, trees, and much much more!

The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is a private non-profit established in 1939.   PRC’s focus is resource conservation with special emphasis on waste reduction, litter prevention, watershed education, recycling, and composting. We are located in Pittsburgh at the CCI Center and in Eastern PA at the Environmental Living Center in Ridley Creek State Park, 3606 Providence Rd., Edgmont, PA.  For more information about the market or to become a vendor contact: Carol Butler, 610-353-1555 x 230, butler@prc.org